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When a young mother and her friend are murdered in front of her children, detectives hope a suspicious vehicle will lead them to the killer. A detective battles fear and distrust on the street as he works the case of a man who was executed in broad daylight; a man witnesses the murder of his teenage son. Veteran homicide Lieutenant Rick Zimmerman recalls the case of a woman malle two young boys who were tortured before being brutally murdered.

A startled mother walks outside to discover escprts son shot to death. A young couple murdered in cold blood on their doorstep sends detectives on a manhunt across three states; homicide detectives find a nacon shot dead in his own backyard and learns the killer might be closer than they think. In an intriguing development, there is a report of another non-fatal shooting that took place nearby, where the victim also described the shooter as a black male in a ski mask.

In a remote area, a man walking in the woods discovers a startling sight-- the remains of decomposed body hidden in the foliage. When a father of two is gunned down with an Alaska, rookie detective Scott Berhalter must sift md lies and alibis to get his killers off the street.

Male escorts macon ms

A woman is found dead in a garbage can and a young man is ambushed by neighborhood bullies. When detectives discover that one of the victim's cars is missing, they begin following a twisted trail of clues they hope will lead to the killer; the life of a year-old mother of three comes to a violent and abrupt end. Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Ray Diaz take the case and uncover a secret relationship that could lead them to their killer.

Detective Armando Aguilar may be working his last case in homicide. Homicide detective Mayree Morin and her team of investigators are on their way to work on a sunny morning when they are called to a brutal murder scene. Detectives try to break their seal of silence to catch this killer. As their investigation deepens, they must navigate a complex web of family ties and loyalties to identify the killer and catch him before he flees the country.

They need to find out if the killer could malf someone she knew and trusted. After his mother reports him missing, an Atlanta man is found dead, naked and shot twice in his bedroom. A young woman is killed in esforts drive by shooting while her boyfriend-- the apparent target of the shooting-- walks away unscathed.

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Detectives need devastated friends and family to help lead them to the killer; two college students are robbed and shot while walking their dog. Can detectives identify him and find him in time?

Using mmale surveillance and forensics, the pair rush to find their suspect before anyone else is hurt. As the investigation unfolds, further horrors are revealed and Detective Scott DeMeester must act fast before his suspect kills again. Detective John Brown delves deep into a dangerous world of gang violence to catch a killer on the loose with an AK47 assault rifle. Detectives investigate a triple shooting that left a year-old man dead during a robbery.

She may be mqle killer or yet another victim.

Male escorts macon ms

His girlfriend was also shot multiple times and is clinging to life, but she is able to name two potential shooters. Two men are ambushed at gunpoint and only one survives the ordeal; a wedding ring provides a clue in the case of a mother's fatal stabbing. When Detectives Mickey Cohn and Jon Lesher discover that their two murder victims have matching tattoos, they suspect the murders might be related. When two men are gunned down in a bloody turf war, Detective Jermaine Douglas must race to catch the killers before the turf war claims another life.

Detective T. A homeless man is found stabbed to death along Interstate With just hours to work with, Morin's team must move fast to land a suspect before the killer slips away; the son of a celebrated neurosurgeon is discovered near dawn, shot to death along the railroad tracks in the Overtown neighborhood. With no witnesses, Lucas hopes the victim's friends can lead him to the killer; Lead Detective Lynn Shuler and the Major Felony Unit are called to a motel where a woman has been found dead.

Detectives Scott Sayers and Ken Penrod are investigating a home invasion that left a young man dead. An investigation ensues when a college football player is found shot to death near the campus inside his car.

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A family man is shot dead inside his apartment. Thompson and Lindle rely on the help of the community to track down the suspects last seen with the victim moments before he was murdered.

Male escorts macon ms

Detectives are working a shooting that left a year-old woman dead, when a mysterious caller gives them a one word nickname-- "Mississippi"; an elderly man is found duct-taped and beaten to death outside his house as his wife of 40 years is asleep inside. Sergeant Gary Diaz and Officer Kelly Mullins investigate a triple shooting that left a young mother and her friend dead.

A caretaker is gunned down over a grudge; a young man loses his life when a bully goes too far.

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Cepero and his team in the direction of two desperate and dangerous gunmen on the run. A year-old boy is beaten to death and his body dumped in the backseat of his car; a young man is shot to death in a parking lot. As Detective T. As the case begins to unravel and witnesses give up information, Garcia learns that the victim's commendable behavior may have instigated his death.


With no witnesses, King tries to uncover a lead from the victim's friends and family and learns that sometimes a killer may be closer than you think. The third victim, a critically injured year-old girl, is the only one who can tell them what happened; a man is intentionally run down and killed by someone in a car. Detective Robert Quirk is investigating a gang shooting that left two dead and four with gunshot wounds.

Rookie Detective Mario De Los Santos tracks two suspects and finds out that both the suspect and his victim shared promising futures-and a deadly vice. A young father is cut down by a hail of bullets, when he and his friends are ambushed in a parked car; feuding households within the same apartment complex collide, leaving a promising boxer shot dead and his brother bent on revenge. When John finally gets a name for his victim, he is running out of time.

Just as the case is about to run cold, a witness comes forward that shatters the case wide open. A young corrections officer is shot dead ten days before Christmas with her two-year-old son while sleeping in their bed.

Male escorts macon ms

The deadly crime may have been caused by a long standing feud with a fellow student; detectives investigate a murdered couple who were found inside their own home. When a good Samaritan is gunned down trying to protect his friends, detectives must unravel a tangled web of bad tips and lies in their hunt for the killer.

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