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Saw 3 lights aligned in sky. I saw a series of bright orange lights rise silently into the sky and move northeast over the course of about 15 minutes. Round object with lights hovered for a wile and then accelerated increadably fast, not of this world. Strange light and drones above house on Route A star? Would just stop and dissappear. Cobalt bue lightning like flashes near I exit 9 at Princeton, WV.

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Covered the horizon dista. I looked out my door window towards the river and seen a really bright light in the sky just sitting there then it started going back a. Silver Cylinder,no wings,no sound,flying in straight line,full sun,no vapor Trail. I counted over 20 crafts.

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It was so bright it was hard to look at at first. Bizarre light in small town that changed colors, other strange sightings within the same week. Jump to. So my family and I was out riding around today and I thought let's t Tomorrow, Sunday December 20 from 1pm - 3 pm longer if necessary we will have a pop up sale at the shop for this new merchandise!

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Bring your race car to pass out candy or your family to trunk or treat! Brad Uplinger. V shaped, silent fast moving orb formation. Bright spherical fireball descending from the sky. A friend showed me a video of a picture that shows three objects in it. There were 3 hovering object over the kanawaha river for at least 20 minutes.

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Lights appeared in a triangular shape. Bill Welker, Ed.

Looking for tonite or parkersburg morning

Just a low light flying lower than planes. Fast moving across the night sky, lights, then would disappear then reappear. Hovered maybe about 5.

A triangle shaped on heading east and dot of light heading west. At first I thought it was a light or a star, but it started dart.

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Archive of WV-Mat Columns. It was late at night and the sky was dark so it was easy to see it, my mom was driving and I looked out the window towards the drivers. Saw 2 large yellow lights, with red light strip on bottom, traveling NE, stopping, hovering, separating and then suddenly disappearing. No sound.

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UFO not visible to naked eye. Bright orange lights came from south moving north in groups, 1 after another. Very low nights. Wife and I saw what appeared to be a bright light just appear in the sky and then fall straight down.

Can make it rolling for the right price. I am a "Line Servicer" for a large power conpany with 30 yrs. Bring your friends and family!!!

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Two strange lights in the sky over WV. A group of small red, white and gold blinking lights flying over my house in West Virginia. Orange light over Charleston, WV area. Witnessed a round, red flashing light in the sky directly in front of me. Multi-colored craft hovering above me.

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Was outside in the yard and saw a bright light moving slowly, looked away for a second and it mrning gone. Five white dots at gret height sped away at incredible speed. Craft was bright yet dim in color. Bill Welker and Ricky Welker.

Diamond lpoking object with orange flashing lights. Will sell in any stage of completion, all the way to turn key. He brought us a load of goodies just in time for Christmas!!!

Looking for tonite or parkersburg morning

Three red lights forming a triangle in the sky. Around 10 PM and my husband and I saw a bright light.

Looking for tonite or parkersburg morning

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