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Whereas Instagram started as a purely visual feed of filtered photos, it has morphed into a messy, tangled social network where photos fight with stories, IGTVGIFs, and video clips for attention.

Looking for some out side fun

Just glue the wrap or wall paper to a piece of card board to get yourself a "Color Card. With one eye closed, try to touch the end of the pencils together. Plan to talk and discuss for about minutes It should be in focus. Did the colors really reverse themselves? But when it arrived in Boston this month, it landed with a thud. To demonstrate the difference of using one vs. Materials: NONE. It is in this region that the optic nerve exits the eye on its way to the brain.

Count the of errors. Which of the lines shown below is longer? The actual dimensions of the circles are not too important and you don't have to color the circles. Popular Latest. The retina of the octopus is constructed more logically than the mammalian retina. A flatter lens refracts less light. The blind spot is the area on the retina without receptors that respond to light.

Put a cup in front of your subject. Materials: Pencils or pens Colored paper about five different colors.

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Notice that it is very difficult to see both the faces and the vase at the same time. Accommodating Accommodation Grades When light enters the eye, it is first bent refracted by the cornea. This inverted "T" has two lines Materials: Blind spot testers: make your own or download a template of 11 testers. Is the front as shown on the cube on the right side or is the front as shown on the cube on the left side or is there no front at all? To tee or not to tee The som, which work better in dim light, are in highest concentration in fo sides of the retina.

What you see is not always what is there. Octopus Eye Image courtesy of Biodidac. Wait about 10 minutes maybe listen to some music while you wait. Close one eye. The sad face should disappear when you get to "4" and reappear at about "7. Do the lines on the right side of the image look straight? Try different colors of food coloring. Hold them either vertically or horizontally facing each other at arms-length from lioking body.

You must have a browser that supports "JAVA scripts". The cones, which are best for detail and color vision, are in highest concentration in the center of the retina. The cones do not work in dim light.

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Check it out for yourself: Fub five pieces of paper of different colors such as different colored typing paper or construction paper. Are they really straight? Which arc is larger?

Escher who is known for his drawings of illusions and impossible figures. Light is bent further by the lens of the eye in a process called accommodation. You bet they are Keep spme head still, and with your left eye, look at the other s. So if you look "off-center" at the star, its image will fall on an area of the retina that has more rods! Look at an object in the distance feet awaysuch as a clock on the wall. I copied one line and pasted it on the bottom of the first line.

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Try it again when the subject uses both eyes. When someone says "Go," the teams will have 10 minutes to look around the room fyn objects that have their team's color. In fact, many teens are going out of their way to make their photos look worse. To find your blind spot, look at the image below or draw it on a piece of paper:.

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Pooking will need a JAVA-capable browser. Each arc comes from a circle of identical size. Read: Custom photo filters are the new Instagram gold mine. The top one looks smaller because the shorter arc of the top figure is next to the large arc of the bottom figure. Try it! Are the locations of the spots different in these two pictures?

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