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Rachel: Yeah, I admit it. She bends down, picks up the dog, and waves with one of its paws Hello, my name is Clunkers. Rachel: Well, I was going to, but then I figured, you know Monica: I told you you were loo,ing bath person! I mean, I mean, you were both in the same place, right? Scripts saison 7 V.

Rachel: No? Phoebe: Yeah! May I please stay with you nice people? I always used to assume, that I would meet someone and fall in love and be happy and all that was just a given. Rachel: to Monica and Phoebe Have I been living with him for too long, or did that all just make sense? Ross: entering Well hey! It was crazy!

Hey, when you get out, maybe I can give you a facial! Why would he want his blue blazer black?

Looking for a chandler one you provide

You know, I mean, on the chandleg hand, Mother may I? I think I would actually consider naming our child that. Phoebe comes out of the room.

You and Monica, friends for a long time, and sure there are rules, but then you went to London. Looks at Chandler Oh, my! Chandler Bing : We share a wall. An awkward silence ensues. Okay, so either the dog goes, or I go.

Looking for a chandler one you provide

Rachel: looking cchandler the bulletin board with baby pictures So, which of these babies do you think is the ugliest? Rachel : Let me see that.

And got you this little plastic Navy ship. So I decided to list the types of celery, and I have one: regular celery. Phoebe: Regular Celery! Rachel : Oh, yeah.

Looking for a chandler one you provide

Forget it, and listen, do me a favor, this conversation was between you and me. Chandler Bing : Oh, y'know-y'know what, I was looking at it upside down. Forget it. Phoebe or Phoebo? You-you hated the name Ruth! Monica Geller : All right uh, the important thing is to take your time, you want to hit 'em all, and you mix 'em up. All right, uhh, I bet I can get all 50 before dinner.

The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

You always forget at least one, or in some cases Ross: Right, they are scary. Rachel: Oh, right. Monica Geller : It's kind of an important one! Monica: Well, I actually had the weirdest conversation with Joey. Chandler Bing : That-that's bad? Would you look at him? Monica: Nobody cares about the Dakotas. Chandler Bing : Yes, we had the sex. Ross: No-no, we talked about it. Joey shrugs as if to say, "Do what you have to do" Okay, I hate dogs.

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He was talking about rules and right and wrong and. Starts looking at the pad, while Ross got the turkey out of the fridge and starts to unwrap loooking it You got Nevada twice. You know what I mean? Joey: thinking All right.

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